Hateful Eight, Tarantino

Great few film weeks over the past fortnight. 

We saw Hateful Eight at Gold Class, which did two things. Validated our hate for the commercial cinemas. The food was subpar and when it’s served in the dark they reckon you don’t know what’s what. Well, guess what. Food is tasted, with or without light. And the drinks, come on. I’ll just stick to movies at home thanks. Netflix. Presto. Google movies or whatever.

But now for the movie. Absolutely brilliant Tarantino classic. Reminiscing of Resevoir Dogs, but with the new Django overlay. Loved the characters and loved Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack. I would love to see a live orchestra performance of this soundtrack. 

Also went back and watched Django which I had started and not finished a number of times. A feel good story, at the end of the day. With a few Aussies thrown in at the end for good measure.

I don’t know why I didn’t finish it last few times, as I almost got to the end (like why I first attempted the 1000 steps). Back a few years I started watching Dusk Till Dawn and falling asleep. I did this a handful of times. And only after then did I get to the vampire part to the tale. Never had a clue. Never knew it was a vampire story!! Brilliance.


Three shows for the next few weeks

Absolutely addicted to three TV shows at the moment. Trawlermen: The Catch, The Tribe and, of course, Ultimate Hell Week

I love Trawlermen. Makes me wonder what trouble the local fishermen go through to catch what we eat from the seas each week. It also makes me wonder if I could survive such a job, out on the ocean braving the elements, battle the winds and rain and constant balancing life on the waves.

I also love The Tribe. It offers a glimpse into the life of the Hamar People from Ethiopia, bringing us closer by exploring their social bonds, relationships, parenting, the trade off between going to school or tending to goats, courting for marriage, becoming an adult, living with illness like malaria. At the end of the day, it’s bringing us closer to people on the other side of the planet. A beautiful life that is simpler in appearance but still very much complex in the personal challenges one faces.

And I love Ultimate Hell Week. If only I could achieve a tenth of what they muster, I’d be a completely different person. Something to aspire to. Talking yourself to the edge and pushing yourself to the limits of your ability. A physical and mental battle. Absolutely awe inspiring. Go #millersmash!!

Noel Fielding x Wuthering Heights


Saw aย clip of Noel Fielding performing Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights. Absolutely brilliant. I’ve always wanted to recreate this clip. It looks like a whole heap of fun. Love you, Noel. Always have. Ever since that short (Sweet by Angry Donkey) where you and Julian Barratt fall out over an invisible girlfriend, Poppy.

Dish of the week: Spaghetti Carbonara a la Justin

This week, I got to cook Justin’s recipe for the perfect spaghetti carbonara. We never ate this when I was a child. I actually think the version that would have been cooked, if it had been attempted, would be full of cream for some reason.

Instead, Justin’s recipe is a simple egg version. Cut up bacon, onion, olives and your parsley. Also have on standby all your Parmesan cheese grated (we only use Parmesan that we have to grate ourselves). Also have the jar of anchovies ready. And the final two ingredients are, of course, the spaghetti and the eggs (two of the gorgeous beauties).


Heat up a tiny bit of olive oil in the pan and add anchovies to melt (I used about 5 large ones). Then sweat the onions, then add the bacon, and after a while the olives.

Oh, well and truly before then, heat up a pot of water for the spaghetti. Get that in before you do all the olive oil, anchovy, bacon, onion, olive goodness… Because when the latter is done, we transfer the drained spaghetti into the pan of goodness. And as its gently frying the spaghetti (hardly at all) get the parsley on there along with the Parmesan cheese and crack the two eggs over it.

Once it’s completely mixed and the egg is cooked (not very long required to get it there given the dish is hot from the pan), you are ready to eat a wonderful creamy spaghetti carbonara. Creamy from egg and Parmesan. Not from cream.

Oh, and we use Misko for our pasta. Makes us feel connected to being Greek.

Plenty Gorge trek


Got our third trek done today.

11.74km around Plenty Gorge in South Morang. Definitely felt fitter today and only had a few moments where I regretted ever signing up to the Three Peaks Challenge in 46 days. Wow, yes. 46 days to go for our training. Which means there are about (probably under) 35 days until the triathlon that I also signed up for. No idea what got into me that day. I have yet to master (hold up, learn!) how to swim. And I have only gotten on the bike once for about 500m (so that makes 9.5km to go on the bike!). I can run 2km nonstop though, so only 2km to go and to add the swim+bike+run sequence and I’m good to go. Never stop training and I’ll get there.

Jimmy Carr at Hamer Hall


Saw Jimmy Carr this week at Hamer Hall and, wow, you do feel uncomfortable during the jokes. Most of the content was around sex (a pickup line “have you met my friend, Chloroform?”) and it was packed full ofย innuendo, puns and just plain old wrong that you had to laugh at. And a crack at religion for good measure too.

The audience though. The audience made me a little worried. When I’ve seen the “heckle Jimmy” part of his show in Montreal or somewhere in the UK, his audience seems to politely heckle him, calling him names, but not overdoing it… And laughing when they are heckled back. In Melbourne, I felt like parts of the audience (not people near me, but a couple of rows behind, and in pockets everywhere), were the type of people who act in the wrong examples that Jimmy jokes about. Fingers crossed this isn’t the case.

Aside from that (and the really annoying woman who kept shouting out “Grant” at any opportunity), Jimmy Carr was great. The pace was fast and we were exhausted by the end of the show. And, of course, we got to hear that trademark inward laugh we’ve heard so many times on QI, Big Fat Quiz of the Year and 8 Out of 10 Cats. Thank you, Jimmy Carr.

Beck x The Chemical Brothers


Love the new collaboration between Beck and The Chemical Brothers with a brilliant clip to match featuring ballerina Sonoya Mizuno. Always been a massive fan of Beck since buying his third album Mutations as a teen. The aforementioned brilliant clip is a collaboration between The Mill and directing duo Dom&Nic.