Dish of the week: Spaghetti Carbonara a la Justin

This week, I got to cook Justin’s recipe for the perfect spaghetti carbonara. We never ate this when I was a child. I actually think the version that would have been cooked, if it had been attempted, would be full of cream for some reason.

Instead, Justin’s recipe is a simple egg version. Cut up bacon, onion, olives and your parsley. Also have on standby all your Parmesan cheese grated (we only use Parmesan that we have to grate ourselves). Also have the jar of anchovies ready. And the final two ingredients are, of course, the spaghetti and the eggs (two of the gorgeous beauties).


Heat up a tiny bit of olive oil in the pan and add anchovies to melt (I used about 5 large ones). Then sweat the onions, then add the bacon, and after a while the olives.

Oh, well and truly before then, heat up a pot of water for the spaghetti. Get that in before you do all the olive oil, anchovy, bacon, onion, olive goodness… Because when the latter is done, we transfer the drained spaghetti into the pan of goodness. And as its gently frying the spaghetti (hardly at all) get the parsley on there along with the Parmesan cheese and crack the two eggs over it.

Once it’s completely mixed and the egg is cooked (not very long required to get it there given the dish is hot from the pan), you are ready to eat a wonderful creamy spaghetti carbonara. Creamy from egg and Parmesan. Not from cream.

Oh, and we use Misko for our pasta. Makes us feel connected to being Greek.


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