Dutch Creams, where have you been all my life?

Growing up, I never heard of these fine Dutch Creams. They escaped all recognition. Potatoes were desiree, pontiac, plain old washed potatoes, sebagos, colibans and not much more…

Nowadays I have access to all sorts of potatoes down at South Melbourne Market from Georgie’s Harvest. Big question is, where did they come from? Where were they when I needed them all throughout the 90s and 2000s… I’m pretty sure the first time I ate a Dutchie was 2008 onwards.


Potatoes South Australia states they are from The Netherlands, but I want to know when the got here and when Australians started eating them. Accessing them regularly at markets and eventually finding them in their supermarkets. And is it all Australians? Or just us strange types that frequent markets or live in inner city Melbourne… *sticks up a faux toffee nose*

How did my lovely family miss out on eating these lovely spuds? The Guardian compared purchasing potatoes in Australia vs UK in the article Half-baked? Why Australia is getting a raw deal on potatoes.

Georgie’s says Dutch Creams “make gorgeous mash or are equally delicious boiled, roasted, baked and pureed”.

I’m sorry… but the new season Dutch Creams are amazingly flavoursome! The taste may be described as buttery and rich, but the new season ones are nutty, buttery and rich. Delicious and addictive!


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