The simple pleasure of Jamón. Jamón Ibérico in particular.

Jamón Ibérico is a cured ham made from the lovely black Iberian pigs in Portugal and Spain. Iberian pigs in traditional management run around freely in oak forests burning lots of calories and gobbling up previous acorns from various oak (holm oak, Spanish oak, gall oak and cork oak). They also nibble on grass, herbs and roots.

Alas, Jamón cannot be brought into Australia with the meat still on the bone. The bone must stay in Spain/Portugal.

Had some from South Melbourne Market this weekend (both Jamón Ibérico and Jamón Serrano). Also had the chance to taste some in Spain in 2012. Looking forward to more Jamón eating once we’re in Portugal this year in about 100 days.

510 Jamon Bilbao


2 thoughts on “Jamón”

  1. Thank you! We are headed to Porto for a wedding in April so any tips for Jamón eating there would be very, very welcome! 🤓

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