Films: Everest + 100 yr old man who climbed out of the window AND disappeared

Great film week last week. Watched the Swedish film The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappearedwhich the Sydney Morning Herald absolutely detested… Jake Wilson, a “film critic”gave it 1 star. Clearly Wilson is far more used to Hollywood comedies than to venture out into non Western eccentricities. I loved it and it reminded me to watch more foreign films.

I thought it was sweet and funny and real. No grittiness to the police. No hysterical laughing caused by any of the humour either. It was just real, everyday fun. The type of moments you imagine your grandfather in, while a young man, and also growing into unwilling retirement. It was fun and it didn’t feel manufactured like into the US cookie cutters most movies do… Quirky and beautifully shot.

Did I mention I loved it?


The other awesome film of the week was Everest. Given I have just signed up to a trek and also a triathlon—two things I’ve never done before—watching this film was inspiring and daunting.

I know I will have difficulty with the stamina and the fitness and the general ability to swim, run and ride a bike… But to battle the elements in the face of death is yet another thing.

The way I see it, I’ve already competed with society. I compete with the obstacles society places in front of me everyday. I’ve find a life partner (regardless of whether I stay with that partner or not) and I have a job and I am paid, so the status anxiety of everything society expects of me is somewhat addressed. For instance, if someone asked me the question of all (judgy) questions “what do you do” at a party, I would be fine with it. It wouldn’t bother me. Yes, I know, I’m very lucky. I’m one of the luckiest people I know.

Now, my goal is to be able to compete with nature. “Compete” is a so-to-speak. It’s not real competition. It’s more a challenge to see if I can do things where I feel in awe of the size and power nature silently holds. I fear nature. And most of all I fear the ocean. Large pools of water. Even getting my head completely submerged in the swimming pool in our apartment. Absolutely kills me.

So, even though I’m doing a trek and a triathlon this year, my ultimate goal in two years is to do the Silfra Fissure Dive in Iceland. What’s more awe inspiring than swimming between two tectonic plates? Between two continents??

I can’t wait to do this, and might even get an earlier dive practice in Madeira this year. Who knows.

The movie Everest, coupled with my new favourite TV show, Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week, has really showed me I can harden up and take my latent ability a little more seriously. Every time I head to bootcamp over the next two months, when I feel like giving up, I will think of the men and women who’ve done greater, harder things with their lives. Every time I think about sleeping in and avoiding a morning session, I will remind myself that its nowhere near as difficult as climbing Everest or completing Ultimate Hell Week. Well, I’ll try. Time to turn this life around.



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