Slow film week…

It’s been a slow week for film… Apart from bits of this and that we watched two very different films this week.

Kings of Badassdom (everyone looks so young!) with their “LARPing” and the lovely Peter Dinklage pre-GoT. And Going Clear where L Ron’s second (?) wife tells us he once proposed religion as the best way to make money… Hmm. Hashtag Scientology, dear friends.

I do recommend watching Going Clear. It confirms our fear of cults and their control over people like poor Travolta and his friend Sylvia “Spanky” Taylor… Spanky had to break out of Scientology, escaping by lying about her daughter being unwell and fleeing dramatically in a friend’s car. I say “poor” Travolta as I suspect (and the film suggests) that he is caught up with all the thetans and the auditing files they probably have on him. He can’t escape. He can’t escape unless he can face any damaging information they may possibly threaten him with.

We’re also up to episode 4 of Making A Murderer. My gut feeling is that Steven Avery is innocent. But wha t I know is that the police coerced confessions and they played some role in the evidence planting as they lied about which county sheriffs were involved in the investigation. Can’t wait to finish the series! But I know I’ll be disappointed with the absence of resolution. I just want to know what really happened. I want answers.

In other news, today I learnt what “Netflix and chill” means. I thought it was just plain old chilling… Apparently it’s a little more complicated than that.

I also found out that This Is Spinal Tap is the only movie on IMDb to be ranked out of 11 instead of 10… So 8 out of 11 stars. Not sure what that’s about because the max score it can achieve is 10!


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