Beechworth Honey Experience

honey comb

Dropped into Beechworth on Saturday for a little while as we were heading up to Wodonga. I noticed that the first corner had a Beechworth Honey store – same make that you can get in the supermarket but more glorious honey flavours. I tried Apple Box and Peppermint which were both beautiful. I noticed creamed honey, honey icecream and also bought a $2.95 sparkling honey nectar drink.

The strange product I found at Beechworth which I looked up online a while back was Bee Pollen. I bought a small jar as I have heard of its health benefits, and of its disputed or unproven health benefits. High in protein, low in fat, and a good source of iron, zinc, manganese and copper, the important thing I noticed about Beechworth Honey bee pollen is that it is free from potential chemical contaminants as it is harvested from pristine forests and conservation reserves in Western Australia.

I also bought a bucket of second grade honeycomb to try, because after heading up to Sydney the time before last mum and dad let me take home a tub of Malfroy’s Gold which they were given from Tim Malfroy, who they buy premium Australian wax from for their candles. Malfroy’s Gold Soft Set Honey is one of my favourites as well – it is creamy honey at its peak, perfect on a slice of toasted, buttered-up sourdough.


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