Resolutions Progress Update

I’m currently on day 9 of my new NY Resolutions daily monitoring plan, so I thought I’d publish how I’m going. I’ve been ticking boxes for things I have managed to do each day out of the things I am capable of doing each day (I have a task I can only do on weekends, so I don’t mark that one on weekdays…).

Day 1 = 12/22 = 54.5%
Day 2 = 15/23 = 65.2%
Day 3 = 17/24 = 70.8%
Day 4 = 14/25 = 56.0%
Day 5 = 4/20 = 20.0%
Day 6 = 8/19 = 42.1%
Day 7 = 15/28 = 53.5%
Day 8 = 16/27 = 59.2%

Day 5 and 6 were, as you probably guessed, weekends… I really must try to be more productive on weekends. That’s very lazy of me. Oh the agony. I was about to write down a really good excuse for being so unproductive last weekend, but what’s the point? I mean, surely I could have done more than 20% on the Saturday. And I didn’t even play any Borderlands.

I also think I should be more productive on weekdays. I mean, only one day’s results above 70%. That is partly due to having a lot of work at work to catch up on, so I think once I get a bit of that out of the way I will be able to have a more balanced day, and be able to dedicate more time to more of my other daily to-dos.


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