NY Resolutions

Last year I had 15 NY resolutions, and managed to fulfill 3 of them. Despite people’s reactions when I tell them this, I think it is quite a success story. All three resolutions were remarkably big wins – passing a really big exam, getting a new job, and having a trip overseas.

This year, I’ve retained the exact same 15 resolutions. The three I have already completed have been tweaked as “upgrades” to last year’s. Sort of like a backpack sdu in Borderlands – I’m upgrading my backpack, so that I can pick up more weapons… I mean, skills.

This year, I’ve also done something completely different. I’ve broken down each resolution to subtasks where possible. And where necessary.

The other thing I have started doing is monitoring which of my resolution subtasks are completed each day out of the ones which are possible to complete.

For example. Today, the 5 January 2010, I have a total of 23 or 22 subtasks that I can potentially complete. (One of my new year’s resolutions is to become a better driver; the subtask is “Never let Justin drive”… As I don’t know whether we will be driving anywhere today, I can’t project whether I will get to complete this one today.) At the end of today, I’ll give myself a mark and monitor this daily.

And, some of the subtasks are to be completed at other times of the year. Or monthly. Or weekly… So, each day, I’m going to try to be superorganised. And at the end of 2010, if I can complete, 5 out of 15 resolutions, I’ll be really pleased.


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