NY Resolutions Tips

I was thinking about my post from yesterday, and how well the daily checking system is working even though I’ve only been doing it for one day. I was actually thinking about it as I was walking home for 45 mins instead of tramming in home for 30. And whilst I was walking home, I was content listening to Chris Clark‘s 2009 LP Totems Flare which I downloaded from Bleep. I was also thinking about it as I was washing the dishes instead of sitting on the couch. I didn’t get through all the dishes but I certainly washed more than a few. All the pots and pans, all the cuttlery, all the plates. And all that is left are glasses.

So, I thought I needed to write my tips, because I disagree with some of the other single-resolution rants other people are touting.

  1. Have more than one resolution. A good number is anything between 2 and whatever you think you can reasonably handle. I’ve read a few other blogs which suggest to only have 1 resolution and work at that very hard, and leave other resolutions as secondary ones. How can you realistically do this? I mean, if you want to a) lose weight and b) get a new job, how can you choose between the two? Why should you miss out if you can achieve both?
  2. Break it down. You need to break down your resolutions into tasks where appropriate. Some of my tasks fall into the “can’t be done until February” or “this is a monthly task which happens on the 15th which is when I get paid”. Some other tasks are daily and others can only be done on weekends. It’s all too easy.
  3. Monitor everything daily. I know this sounds like extra work and it definitely does take a bit of time each day (say half an hour) and it even takes time to get your system right (it took me a few revisions to perfect the excel spreadsheet I am currently using)… BUT. Once you have it, you feel really happy getting things done. And you are working towards your resolutions… Setting yourself up for success.
  4. Review at the end of each month. See if your tasks are working, or if you need to change them to achieve your resolutions/goals. At the end of the year, even if you haven’t achieved your goals at least you should have progressed to a point where they should be that much closer than they were at the start of the year.

Any other things you can think of?


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