Feeding you and I for less…

Tips I liked on eating for less money from an old post on http://www.getrichslowly.org. Additionally, best to log everything you eat – you end up realising the immense overconsumption to the point of disgust.

  • Never allow food to go off. I have 4 eggs from Nicole’s chooks from before Christmas which will have to go unused, and the fasolada I made on Saturday shall have to feed us before it goes off as well.
  • Buy inexpesnive foods. Raw nuts and two minute noodles.
  • Buy cheap fresh produce. A kilo of carrots and bags of brushed potatos. Be sure to check how the taters are zapped by the checkout staff. Since Coles has started to stock Dutch Creams, they have tried overcharging us on normal brushed potatos almost every time. The last lot were scanned in as Desirees, and unfortunately I wasn’t paying too much attention.
  • Forget eating out. We hardly ever eat out. Although, last time we did was mid December at a lovely joint on Bridge Road called Maedaya. We ate upstairs at the Japanese BBQ area. The sake and umeshu plum wine went down like a treat…
  • Eat a sizeable breakfast. Coffee just doesn’t do it apparently.
  • Never eat junk and precooked foods.
  • Use a cookbook. I’ve failed in the kitchen over and over again… If only I paid more attention to instructions and was better with patience.
  • Never buy drinks. Best to assume this includes alcohol I suppose.

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