Daniel Kitson


With my crazy schedule of today and yesterday, I managed to necessarily sneak in a show by comedic Brit Daniel Kitson.

I was up at 5.30am yesterday morning for the photography of many large things like a ship and lots of trucks. I then managed to sneak home for 15 mins at 5.30pm whilst waiting endlessly on service calls regarding my emails not appearing on the Blackberry. I then bumped into two people and a baby whilst on the way to meeting two other people without a baby for a pint. And then off to the Athenaeum Theatre One for a hopeful laugh with Kitson’s We Are Gathered Here; the opening to the marriage between death and you that you never had.

Kitson was as hilarious as I remembered him to be. We were seated in the front row of the upper circle at the Athenaeum, and although he insisted on his pity, I really did think we had a suitable vantage point for the show. Nevertheless, we were informed we’d missed the detail of the admin part of his show – picking up odd bits of rubbish from the stage floor. Toying with ideas on death, Kitson leaped from inappropriate to inappropriate and we all found it particularly enjoyable. “Every time he touches the tip of his tongue a person dies.” And so, for half the beginning of a segment in the show, Kitson touched his tongue several times. Your brother. My father. Twins.

I then went straight to the airport for an 11pm shoot. And now I have awoken to an early 5.30 for some train shots. Really looking forward to the weekend… It’s looking so bright.


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